last night had the most beautiful half moon i have ever seen

September 6, 2019

it was magical i had to write it down.

so dreamy it made me forget all my worries and fear for a while.

it was heavenly it reminded me that life is still beautiful.

totally unforgettable it made me remember happy memories.

it was simply stunning i had to look up all the way home.

look up, always.


romans 8:28

November 26, 2018

when you thought the current runs smooth all along, there will always be that big rock on the way…


God is in control

October 25, 2017

two weeks from now and we will finally meet our little fighter Gabriel.

it is totally mixed emotions of being excited, anxious, happy, nervous. i feel so much joy as a first time mom but many times when i think about baby gab’s condition, worry overcomes me. it’s like it is a celebration of life but i cannot celebrate too much. it’s like i want to show the world how happy and proud i am but something is holding me back.

but then i’ll be reminded once more, God is in control.

and i’ll be calm and i’ll feel His comfort and love.

knowing that our little one will be undergoing an operation a day or two after he sees the the outside world is truly devastating. i think i still haven’t totally digested and realized that until now. it is something an expectant mother would not want to hear, ever. instead of just worrying if i’ll have milk to feed him right after birth, i worry of how will we have enough bonding and latching and getting-to-know times the first days and weeks of his life if he is going to spend it in the nicu instead of being home with us. and the list of worries and questions goes on.

but then again, God is in control.

worries do no help. who am i to worry?

one out of every 35,000-40,000 newborns is diagnosed with sacrococcygeal teratoma (sct). it is that rare without clear cause and it is known to be more common in female babies. that makes baby gab truly special and one of a kind. though one set of doctors who look after baby gab’s condition think that it is not sct as the cystic mass does not show any effect on the blood flow in his heart and body and that everything is normal in him. (that consistent news in our series of check ups and assessments makes me so much relieved and reassured) whatever it is, i pray that everything goes smoothly and successful, from the c-section to baby gab’s entering this wonderful world until his operation and recovery. i believe that he will have and enjoy a normal life after this early challenge to us.

i wont be able to handle this on my own. i am so much grateful and blessed to have a support system who’s been with me from the start, from my family to my few trusted and close friends and of course to my partner whose faith is stronger than mine. im lucky and thankful to have someone who takes care of me and baby gab and never lets us go hungry. we’ll get through this and everything is going to be fine.

this is just a glimpse of my journey to mommyhood and how we handle the difficult challenge thrown to us. as much as i would like to, most probably i wont be able to share all my experiences and pregnancy tips and realizations (not to mention struggles) here anymore, but one thing’s for sure, this phase is totally a highlight and a life-changing experience in a woman’s life.


i believe that prayers can move mountains. a prayer for the safe delivery and successful surgery for our baby gab will be so much appreciated ❤

God bless us all.

baby gab profile at 26 weeks

baby gab at 26 weeks


thinking baby gab at 36 weeks

(thinking) baby gab at 36 weeks



October 19, 2017

perhaps it’s better to blame it all to pregnancy hormones.

what is felt should not be based on what is seen.


note: this is an intro-body-conclusionless entry (as if that’s new)

September 15, 2017

this thought just came to mind – what if all the important people in my life suddenly leave me?

then a tear voluntarily fell from my eye. i can be a dramatic actress, you know. haha!

i dont know why but there is something that makes me feel sentimental today. not really lonely but sentimental or emotional, whichever fits better. might be the gloomy weather or the fact that im home alone. oh, no! i think the pregnancy hormones are striking again. (yes, i now have a new thing to blame for my crazy moods ((:)

then my mind reminded me, you cant be thinking of things like these anymore. you are soon having a child. you cant be selfish. you now have no rights to think of running away when things get tough just the way you always did before!

then my bubble popped and im back to earth once more.

one of my ultimate dreams is to write the story of my life. not really an autobiography type but a novel-ish one. maybe it’s only me (of course, it’s only me because it’s me) but i really think my life story is somehow interesting. youd think it is just plain and simple but youd be surprised of the unpredictable twists and turns. at some point youd think it is coming to an end but lo and behold, another major turn of events unfolds before your eyes. what a great story!


will it ever happen? no one knows. maybe not. thats a hint from my short term memory. but im still hoping it will.

changing topic, i am getting closer and closer to the day when i finally meet my little one. i know, i must have a separate blog for this new chapter in my life. ive thought of that more than once. the journey to motherhood is incomparable and life-changing and i am undeniably blessed and thankful to God that He let me experience this. i believe all the mothers out there exactly know what im saying. it is love, and pure love, endless love.

i cant wait for the big day.


(mon)day off

July 31, 2017

i just finished watching the movie la la land. i so wanted to watch it before but time and circumstances didnt permit.

on this hot summer afternoon, i finally got a chance to watch it as i had nothing to do. all i knew was it is a musical and i forgot all the reviews ive read about it before so basically, i had no idea about the storyline. as the film was ending, i still wasnt sure what was real or not but slowly, i was getting the conclusion. then snap!

yeah, right. what a story. or should i say, what an ending. if you have watched the movie and if you know my story, you will perfectly understand and probably will give me that look and smile.

i havent watched romantic drama movies lately. my choice. dont ask me why because im not sure of the answer either.

i know, it has been a while since my last visit here. i tried to update a couple of times but, you know me.

im good, no worries. it’s been a lot of eating and munching lately. im taking advantage whenever i can rest but sleeping and lying in bed started to be daily struggles and i am looking forward for worse. im not complaining though. im enjoying every inch of this magical period, just so you know. im embracing it with both arms and every day makes me more excited because it gets me closer to the moment when i can finally see and kiss and hug my little one.

la la la…



June 15, 2017

we’re good. i mean, we get along. we dont fight, aside from those petty exchange of words about my need to get a more stable source of income.

it’s those unspoken words that speak a lot. it is those sudden quiet moments that are deafening and knowing that we both know what lies beneath makes it much heavier.

as ive said, i am used to it. i dont know how long this taboo game will last. i got no clue how it ends. im not even sure if im playing it right. somewhere deep inside me hopes that it ends in a good way. for our little one, you know. but as i have also said, i trust His plans.

so, i dont where this leads. im just praying that everything turns out beautiful for everyone in the end.


“For I know the plans I have for you… Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” -Jeremiah 29:11