walk on

July 2, 2008

i’ll keep on walking.. until my legs get numb.. until my feet die of hurt.. until my eyes dry.. until my tears find no way down.. until my skin heal of scratches and bruises.. until my ears hear laughters.. until i learn to flash a real smile again.. until i find my way back to the people who appreciate me and love me for who i am.. until i see the new track of my life where i’ll plant new experiences and happy memories., a fresh, wonderful life.. a life worth living.

i’ll keep on walking., until i forget the pain of the past..

i’ll keep on walking., until the day i become whole again.

perhaps it’s a painful walk, but a walk worth hurting. i’ll keep on walking.

“When you’ve found the reason to walk away, never look back. Just keep on walking even if the destination is unclear. It will take a lot of courage for each step you make, but it will save some pride and honor for yourself. It’s better to get lost moving on, than being stranded and broken after all.”



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