irony of hAppiness

July 27, 2008

Whenever you feel happy, take hold of it with both hands and don’t dare let it slip away. Feel each nerve in your body that delivers that sense of happiness in your mind, and in your heart. Take each moment as if it will be the last happy moment of your life. Live each hour as if the next minutes will get you back to the sad reality. Live each second as if the next breath you will take will start the deep, hurting breaths again.

Being happy is perhaps in the state of mind of a person. You do not need things and you don’t need other people to be happy. It is true that you just have to search for that light feeling within yourself and let it flow throughout your system. Only you can make yourself happy. If the world outside is full of laughters but if you choose not to be affected, not even a single smile, then you’re overpowering happiness.

“don’t dare to let happiness slip away..only you can make yourself happy…”

Be happy. Stay happy. Choose to be happy.. even if you know deep inside you, you still don’t have the full happiness you’re longing for.

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