what Matters most

February 20, 2009

What matters in life? It may be true that it is not how long you held each other’s hand, or how far you have gone on the map. Perhaps what your heart longs for matters most.

What is the use of great plans and effort if the other person longs for just a voice of someone else? Will it matter if you give your whole damn world when his heart and mind live in another galaxy? You see it is useless and such a waste of time offering your enormous crazy heart when all he needs is a smile from someone else’s face.

There are times when you want to shout to the whole world and let your hurtful words and painful thoughts blurt out off you. but it all turns out to be an ocean of tears. It is when you think how good you were and how bad she was, but in the end, she is still the one who is longed for. Maybe doing bad is not that bad after all. What a thought. Nah, you are just not enough to forget the past.. the feelings from the past.

What really matters is what your heart longs for. It does not matter when, how, or who.. it is just that someone would be hurt and catch all the pain.


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