March 9, 2009

I thought so. Things of the past are happening again. At first I thought I’d be able to face this much easier than the first time. I thought the pain won’t bother me that much. But I was wrong. After two weeks of being brave, or pretending to be brave, here I am, lifeless and swallowing my bitterness. Yes I was the one who wanted this, but damn how can I despise it now? Just like the message of a song, just like the lines of a movie. But this time, I must stick with my decision; I must be firm with my stand. Not because of pride, but for us to grow as better individuals.

You said you want to make yourself a better one; a person who could fully give his trust once more; so that he’d be able to offer his whole heart once again. Oh how I pray that you achieve it in time, and I won’t deny the fact that, oh how I really pray that when that day comes, I’ll be the one your heart beats for. You might think I am being crazy of flaunting these words. After ignoring you most of the time, after pushing you away, here I am dying to be with you again. I was never angry at you. I never loathe you. And from the day I started to love you until  this very moment, my heart belongs to no one but you.


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