April 27, 2009

it’s my feelings again..these emotions that make me crazy, turn my world upside down..before sunrise today, i couldn’t control my feelings and i told you what i was feeling..i wasn’t even sure if all i said was right, didn’t even care if i hurt you with my words..putting all the blame on you.. and now these tears come crashing into me..deep within me..i just want to hold you in my arms, to never let you go..my heart beats for your love, my mind shouts out loud for your name..if only you would know how i long for your warm embrace, right at this very moment..i miss you so much, i really do.. i don’t know if you still believe in everything i say, but please trust me when i tell you i love you, and i’m not sure if i can still get away with it..tell me i’m crazy, i think i really am getting mad because of this love..if only you will see it through me..if only our hearts will meet and if only my heart could talk.. now i don’t know what to do, how to make you stay..i’m lost in the very midst of nowhere..tell me where i am, tell me where to go.. i’m lost, and i need you to search for me, to fight for me, to save me.. i told you i wasn’t even praying for us to be together again, but now i’m pretty sure..now i am dying, praying, crying out loud to be with you, to be forever with you whatever it takes..


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