a good thing oR not?

May 22, 2009

it’s been exactly a year when we first decided to part ways.. it was like my whole world crashed, thinking i won’t be able to build it up again, without you.. but then we came back with a handful of hope.. we tried to make smooth road out of crooked lanes..i thought we did it..i thought we were doing it right.. i thought you have finally found your way to me, but then i was wrong.. maybe at some points you were focused on me, but then my visions cleared, i suddenly knew you were looking pass through me. so now here we are, on parted ways once more.. and again we were starting to patch things up, but then again and again and again… i think it’s not working. i did my best to save it, but i believe this is really not for us. im afraid i’m getting tired.. i’m not sure if it’s a good thing or bad..but at this moment, i want to wish that i really must get tired. im tired of hoping for you to be mine.. im tired of waiting to feel your whole love for me.. i’m tired of dreaming of us growing old happy together.. im tired of wishing for the day na ako naman…


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