cArry on

June 15, 2009

still can’t figure it out..after all the letting go and the acceptance, i believe i’m now enjoying my life.. realized how blinded i was letting my world spin in that limited inconsiderate world, denying myself in the crowded real world.. now it seems something’s missing.. do not be deceived if i say i don’t miss the used-to-be things.. i want to close my eyes whenever i see couples having their own crazy little world but then a deep pounding sigh is all i’m left with.. then suddenly the floor knocks my head.. thanks to you floor. i am awake again..

allow me to say that this kind of letters is just spur of the moment.. times like this, i think, are inevitable.. but it won’t be a big rock on your way if you will not let it be.. as tim gunn always says, carry on!


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