strawberry deliGht

June 20, 2009

i heart strawberries.. those cutie smashy little red thingies with yeast-like spots all over.. oh, and their smell..flows through your veins.. but here’s the catch -i don’t eat them.

yes you read it right. i love strawberries but i don’t actually eat them.. i really don’t like the sensation of putting them in my mouth and letting my tongue and taste buds reach them.. but i like the flavor though.. strawberry flavored ice cream, strawberry cakes, strawberry shakes, strawberry chocolates, strawberry syrups, etc. (yummm!) and aside from these mouth-watering strawberry flavored yummies, i am so much fascinated by perky strawberry stuffs like key chains, toys, and other things which have strawberries on it..so delightful, aren’t they?

i remember, 2 years ago in my past work, having my black, green and red gel pens with me, i used to draw tiny strawberries on my notebook as my pastime. i was so proud of my artworks then. 😛



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