sailing.. .

August 30, 2009

“when i look to the sky something tells me you’re here with me, and you make everything all right…”

it just feels good listening to this song at the moment.. i’m not pertaining to somebody; the melody & the words just complement my melancholic mood.. thinking of certain things that happened the past weeks, i don’t know what to feel..how to feel. i won’t deny, there maybe times i wished for this time to happen.. but why am i pushing it away now? it’s crazy. yes i longed for this time to come. how i want to grab it with both hands..but something tells me not to give in.. it’s hard. i’m not sure how long i can keep myself from falling.. i believe, and how i pray it’s not pride that’s controlling me.. i’m just not sure if all the hurt and pain are enough excuses.

i told myself, enough is enough. i already got more than my fair share of broken dreams and emotions; do i still want more?

drop it.



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