isn’t it ironic?

September 20, 2009

observe silence

who would say signs such as OBSERVE SILENCE could only be seen in libraries or other rooms or halls?

one day i went to a nearby mall with a friend and we rode a jeepney going back home. at first it was plain and simple for me as i read the signages inside the jeep, but three seconds after it finally sunk into me.

i flashed a sarcastic smile, fully absorbing the thought of the “observe silence” then i let my friend who is busy texting at the moment, read it, too. at first she didn’t recognize what i was smiling about but after her long five seconds of staring (texting truly makes one’s mind slow down), she was finally laughing conservatively with me.

the “no smoking” sign has no harm and is just proper to be in a jeepney but the “observe silence,” argh. i couldn’t help my self get over the scene as well as the thought, so i decided to take a souvenir of it. God only knows if it was my first and last chance to ride that jeepney.

just two points: i’m wondering how come manong driver thought of putting an OBSERVE SILENCE sign inside his jeepney..? is he tired of all the noise he hears in his  everyday driving life? as if he is the librarian and the passengers are the students, whom he could just shout and tell ‘shut up!’ second, if he’s tired of the noise around him, what’s the point of putting that OBSERVE SILENCE sign when a full-volumed radio is banging all over his jeepney?

ironic, don’t you think?


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