October 7, 2009

how do i start? this dark hole inside me seems to be much more thrilled than me. this deep black hole is back once again. i had dealt with it a few times but now it’s again enjoying itself here inside my chest. i don’t know how to stop it, i don’t how to get away with it. will i ever make it lost or will i be lost within its dark hurting walls, forever?

it’s breathing with full effort, leaving me no space to breathe fresh air. it’s throbbing; oh how determined it is to take me down over again.. and i’m not sure if i can still continue fighting. i was able to fight it then, putting the best armor in front of me.. so i believe i will be able to fight it once more, but is there any sword or shield left for me this time? i’m afraid. my conviction of winning frantically wavers. how will i ever get through it now? now that no one is beside me, now that the very last person who i thought of fighting it with me has now given up. just the thought of it makes the hole grow bigger, darker, sharper.

.. .


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