October 30, 2009

“Boundaries don’t keep people out,

so it is. i cannot have a good-enough beginning of this one.. not my hands, perhaps my disorganized mind? or something in me pushes me to make this piece –whatever the result would be. tell you what? my mind is slowly spinning, my heart is gently but repulsively throbbing. and i can’t figure out what pushes me to stay awake in the very middle of this sullen odd night. great! something, i believe there is that something which pulls my mind up amidst the gravity that evenly pulls my body down. i don’t know; i have no idea. is something historical going to happen? am i waiting for an unexpected momentous event? what it is, really?

this is just making me much more frantic. clueless of what’s happening yet paranoid of invisible events. what-did-i-just-say? my mind’s blocked but it is spinning; round and round and round. when do you stop? what do you want?

they close you in…”


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