[ J ] = journey

November 4, 2009

journeys with my autistic sonoh come on. let this image help me begin this journey.

after desperately finding a way how to get to a certain place (i even got to ask someone i think i should not have asked), after doubtfully riding a cab despite all the search and queries (i’m scared of riding a cab all by myself), after successfully arriving at my destination and after having that empowering chitchat with nice mr.anonymous, after achieving my way back to my familiar place through walking (though i caught myself lost many times. err. ha ha), after ransacking three above-the-average book stores, finally i found this book.

wait, let me just state the obvious, happiness & excitement are now flowing through my system.

while waiting for a girl friend, i opted to spend the hours at three different book stores. i scanned the shelves, browsed the books, read the back of certain books with the synopses and reviews, drooled for the books i am long wanting to have, drooled some more for new found great grabs, and even drooled much much more for all the awesome books. ugh.

this day, i was torn among these three.

the kite runnerThe weddinglove in the time of cholera

which to buy? which to buy?!

after weighing my lust for them, garcia marquez won the gold medal. (how i wish i could buy all of them at once, but “one at a time” rules upon me now) and so i was decided what to buy and no regrets for my choice. but as i had quite more time to spend, i continued browsing and reading parts of some books. suddenly i remembered two books that caught my interest the last time i visited a small book store. good thing i took a picture of them.

eheh ;papologies if the image is not that clear. but thank you for my average camera phone. what to do until love finds you and why men don’t listen & women can’t read maps. classify these books however you want -inspirational, self-guide, corny, pathetic.. but, aren’t they awesome? for me they are. so call me whatever you like. ha ha ha! unfortunately, i failed to locate them this afternoon. maybe God is telling me neither of these will help me, or maybe i don’t really need this kind of books, as of the moment. πŸ˜› but they’re cute, right? sorry can’t get over. ha.ha. still want to buy them, though.

so then my wandering took place for couples of minutes more. scanned some more books.. religion & spirituality, art, cooking, health. filipino authors. and unexpectedly, i stumbled upon fanny a. garcia’s journeys with my autistic son. suddenly my heart flipped/jumped in half a second. i grabbed it. never let it go. read the first pages, stopped (i did not intend to finish reading it within that minute), looked back for love in the time of cholera. aww, gravity suddenly pulled the sides of my lips. 😦

in short, i bought journeys. why? simple. i’m planning to take master of art in education majoring special education. sounds great, eh? yes i am serious about this thing. i’m so excited! (jump! jump!) this is one major turning point in my life that i’m long waiting for. as soon as i finish the requirements for my application (hopefully, Lord please let me in) and as soon as i enroll to the program, i’ll let you know. right? πŸ˜€

i don’t want to spill everything about my sped plans now (i’m sorry) because i want to reserve a whole entry for it. so i’m leaving you with this one big favor.. please please, pray for me to be successful in pursuing my newly realized DREAM. my journey. this is it! promise.

[i hope i won’t be embarrassed with this one] >.<


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