my rEality shows

November 13, 2009


It just makes me feel, ugh, odd? I don’t know why, but i easily get emotional nowadays. My tears seem to be always at guard and voluntarily they well up even at a slight drama scene of a reality show. Err, i know. I don’t deny the fact that i really am an emotional person, but not to this extent. I think this started after my grandfather died last month. Because those days, more than thrice i caught myself crying in front/around random people. Though at times i fought back the tears, i never won.

So where will these easy welling up bring me? I believe it’s not my style showing people my real state. So how will i control it? But then it strikes me, do i really have to?

dated. 081109. 12:53:56 am

this is an entry from my mobile phone. yes, whenever i can’t control expressing something, i find ways to do so. whenever, whatever, however.

am overflowing with emotions right now, different kinds of emotions. i’ll try to put them down later. ciao.


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