pile oF debts

December 3, 2009

i know i know. i owe you a lot. as in i’m in deep debt of stories to tell. now i don’t know how to start. where to start. i just really don’t have spare time for story telling here. ouch =( so sorry..

i’m up to something impish today. not that real bad, still not right. (blame my sister for that!) ha. ha. just think why i’m able to add an entry today, at this time. hmmm…? haha!

forgive me for this kind of thing. i know it’s like a trash! no direction, no sense at all. i won’t promise to get back and make up everything i missed here because i just might add the pile of my debts. i just hope soon i’ll have the time again to sit and relax and share everything & anything i want to share (:

22 days to go before Christmas!



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