December 6, 2009

i want to talk with someone..

someone i barely knew for 4 months now..  someone who accidentally had an odd share in my life.. someone who i worried for for a delicate matter but then that worry suddenly turned to grudge. even though i don’t fully know the story behind the scenes, i feel that something must be done. i believe this person is hurting now and something in me wants to get in touch with her. i don’t know why i feel this way and people may even think i’m up for something if i talk to her.. but i want to help or just clear things up. maybe because there is common between us? i don’t know. really. she might even refuse if i ask her. i don’t know her background but i feel there’s something beautiful in this person despite the negative things i have thought of her. i just want to help. Lord, may You give me a chance.

(i just want to take note of this thought…)


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