for yoU

August 21, 2010

i don’t want to say we’re not in good terms now, but things aren’t good. we are not in our usual fun romantic life, as i’d call it, and i’m not used to this situation. nevertheless, i’m not at ease whenever we have this uncomfortable feeling. or is it only me who feel this way? i won’t expect anything now. what happened the past day, it was really depressing, and i’m so sorry for that. so now we are in this situation. i want to talk to you, i want to sms you, i want to bug you and let you feel that i am so missing you badly, but i can’t. i won’t. my mind tells me to give you some time because if not, i might regret it more.

so now i’m writing you this but i believe this might be buried still you haven’t seen this. i don’t like this feeling. i’m just looking to the bright side that soon we’ll be back with our crazy little world. i know you want it, too.

.. .

before i forget, what really is for you?

i love you so much and i want to still be your happiness.


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