it all startEd with the avatar

June 22, 2011

new theme, new life!? 😀


thought of changing the avatar but ended changing the site’s theme and having the same avatar. that is how organized i am. ugh! 😛 so now my site had it’s over all make over and so far i feel cool about that. for three years i used the very simple ambiru theme and i think now is the time for change. as if that was really my goal, eh? anyway, the theme now is chaotic soul, but i hope my entries won’t seem chaotic in your eyes. i just wanted to have a simple theme, with customized header and widgets; as you see there are the clouds of tags and a couple of polls on the side together with the calendar, archives, etc. oh, by the way, please feel free to answer the polls. i put it there for some interaction and i would really appreciate if you share your thoughts with me. *wink*

so, with these changes, neither you nor i know where these will lead me. quite exciting, at least for me.  and because i am liking the weather at this time, cloudy-soon-it-will-rain weather (setting aside the melancholic paolo santos background in the coffee shop), i am leaving you guys with the official trailers 2 & 3 of transformers 3: dark of the moon. can’t wait to watch it on the big screen! yay! 🙂


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