howl, the siGn seeker

July 12, 2011

i realized how childish my last post was @.@

yet i won’t trash it. haha. but just to regain my integrity, yes you read it right, i recommend these short films by nestle. correct me if i am wrong, but i think they produced 10 inspiring short films as a part of their 100th anniversary celebration. the theme “kasambuhay habambuhay” tries to connect and depict Filipino family generations.

this one is my favorite, sign seeker

if you’re keen enough, you wouldn’t have read my name on the cbb of sign seeker. but this next one, i assure you will.. if you know my real name. ahaha

the howl and the fussyket

these are just two of the ten short films, and i hope i made you smile 🙂


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