August 18, 2011

second time to do a powerpoint presentation within 3 weeks. normal for others but not for me. i haven’t done or even opened the ppt application for almost 4 years already, i think. not until i enrolled again for this semester. yes, back to school i am! just taking education units to gain enough to be qualified in taking an examination. hmmm, i think.. i think i’d like to teach kids. well, please don’t ask me to explain further. kthnxbye

so going back to my presentation, i just finished my second report for this sem, entitled, Selection and Use of Instructional Materials (IMs). i know right, who cares about my report? just saying. hmpt! haha. lucky me i got an easy topic. i made notes, though. i must say reporting is one of my waterloos in class. despite my undergrad course, until now i’m no good in standing in front of a crowd and speaking, explaining, demonstrating things, most especially the impromptu ones. how i wish i overcome this weakness very soon. like, tomorrow pwede? haha.

i also wish my memory to get better soon. i really feel it’s sick and needs medication. sad 😦


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