August 19, 2011

must be the caffeine.

35 minutes after 1 o’clock in the morning, still not sleepy but not in the mood to study. great. if only i’d grab my notebook and start studying for our exam tomorrow, but my mind & body won’t let me do it. oh, and one thing i am sure of, this ain’t because of paris hilton. ha.ha. was with the bf at the mall earlier tonight and we saw paris, of course stormed by fans, media, and those gigantic lenses that “shutter” like crazy, in her meet & greet session. but i must say, she’s really like a living barbie doll, a stunning perky barbie. didn’t want to have a photo with her (setting aside the fact that you have to buy something from her store such as bag or accessory before you’d be able to line and have her precious autograph), though seeing manny pacquiao and grabbing a photo op with him was playing more in my mind that time. sad to say no pacman showed.

after taking a glimpse of ms.hilton, the caffeine took place. lol.

sorry can’t compose a good one…


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