take me to avenue of the Baobabs

August 22, 2011


how big a baobab can be

i love baobabs.

i just cannot remember how my love for baobabs bloomed once more yesterday. see the pictures? aren’t they beautiful?

have you read the little prince by  antoine de saint exupery? i suppose anyone who had read it encountered the baobab tree. and for me it was my first encounter of the baobab. see the photo below.

planet baobab from "the little prince"

baobab. baobab. baobab. wehe. i love them!

if you notice the pictures, these gigantic baobabs have quite a different structure from all the common trees. a baobab has swollen stem and looks like an upside-dwon tree, roots growing on top.  how odd is that? or let me say, how cool is that? 😀

i found out that there are couples of myths about the baobab tree. one is,

“The baobab was among the first trees to appear in the land. Next came the slender, graceful palm tree. When the Baobab saw the palm tree, it cried out to be tallet. Then the beautiful flame tree appeared with its red flowers and the baobab was envious for flower blossoms. When the baobab saw the magnificent fig tree it prayed for fruit as well. The gods became angry with the tree and pulled it up by its roots then re-planted it upside down to keep it quiet.”

you can read the other myths and legends here.

adding to the places that i want to visit before i die, Avenue of the Baobab rockets in the top 5. or, perhaps top 3?

Avenue of the Baobabs, Menabe, Madagascar

sunset in Avenue of the Baobabs

 what a view. eye drooling, isn’t it? take me here please, before time runs out. 🙂


for the meantime, i’m hoping that i’d see someone selling a baobab bonsai online. glad to know there are baobab miniatures as well. yey!

p.s. of p.s.

thank you for the net references and the people behind the photos i downloaded. i envy you guys. peace! 🙂


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