a minTy promise

August 31, 2011

i cannot fathom why many (more than 2 is many, right?) of the people i know don’t like mint-flavored chocolates while i am loving those so much. perhaps something is wrong with their taste buds? oh, how i pity them.

any kind, size, shape, brand of mint chocolates, they always make me feel delighted. not a single mint choco has ever disappointed me; as if they were all made to make me happy. aaahhhh, just the thought of them makes me drool (not literally, ok?).

having mint chocolates as my yummy introduction, the real deal of this post is this:

i promise that from now on, or maybe tomorrow so that i will sleep early tonight , i will focus on studying for my classes and for the tantamount, life-changing examinations i am bound to take not later than october of this year. fighting! Lord God please help me get through these. 🙂


oops, one of the exams will be next year so there should only be 2 by the end of october 😀 good night world.


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