September 7, 2011

pfft! i know i know, do not slap it on my face. i am so beyond the jam and such a late bloomer. and mind you, i am not defensive!! lol. nevertheless, let me share with you the link of my instagram account. click this –> kori_kit and you’ll see the latest photo i shared there, as of the moment.

i am following my  ex-boyfriend jason mraz (that is so true, don’t even think of doubting me) and another friend who is my one and only follower as of the moment (mr.Az seems bitter since he’s not following me). i promise to add superb photos there and feel free to like ’em or better, follow me and it’s not impossible that i’d follow you as well so there will be peace & equality on earth. enough of this talking.


oh, by the way, if you see the kitkat mint photo next to this post, it’s from my instagram account. yey!


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