flying with a singLe wing

September 15, 2011

floating mind she is,

in the midst of hundreds of busy things.

all she wanted was bliss,

but now she’s full of uncertainties.

burying herself to warrior playlist;

nursing more the blue skies.

it is like drowning in the mist,

while preventing those pearls from falling in her eyes.

once again she wants to fly,

to immensely soar high in the sky.

she wants to vanish, she wants to fade,

before regretful thoughts could be made.

look straight in her eyes, what does she really want?

is it warm or is it cold?

it is so difficult for her to be bold,

to whatever decision she’s bound to hold.

who would be there to lend a hand,

to divide the sorrow and her sadness?

to safely bring her back to land,

and wake her up in her madness.


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