do i need To catch up?

October 19, 2011

hello 😀

i am quite sleepy but my mind’s somehow telling me to finish my syllabus for english 102. i have been working on it since last week and until now it is still hanging, waiting for final touches. ugh, i need to finish it immediately so that i can focus on other matters. fighting! i can do it. i will. i must. anyway, i just need to complete the learning objectives and it’s 95% done.

but for now, let me share some photos. i am too sleepyhead to enumerate and tell the latest stories i had and i hope  through these pictures, you’ll be able to see the big picture. okay, what i just said is vague.

wed. 05oct11

after his more than a week of being stranded because of floods, finally i got to see and hug him again! we caught up over a pizza and caramia gelato cake. yumm! but he’s always yummier 😛

sat. 15oct11

sem-ender day. sumptuous lunch with my let classmates and with our professor at blufish restaurant. nice day. bonding with them, new friends; future educators. oh yes, come on! until next sem 🙂

tue. 18oct11

koton, our baby, is having his vacation again here in our house. i missed him and i hope he missed me, too and our place as well. what else can i say? he is now claiming to be a big dog. oh well. give it to him. lablab koton!

someday, i will fly...


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