randOm dream, eh?

November 18, 2011

heyya. i know i skipped  quite a number of dates and important events here. pardon me for that.  if only i can show you the couple of drafts, still not finished, waiting to be published inside this wordpress site of mine.

so  before i forget this random thought…

while making my ppt for day 5 (supposed to be day 7) of my english class next week, suddenly  i remembered my strange dream last night. it was about a man, actually a man that i know.  i won’t  tell more clues for security purposes. ha.ha.  i’ve known him for 7 years now. i can say we are friends for we have common friends, but we are just civil, until now. (okay one clue, we don’t have a past. just to make it clear) but, hmmm… let’s just say there was a short time that i had a crush on him. just a little maybe because some of my friends also had a crush on him. harhar. so going back to my dream… the weird part is that in my dream, we were just talking on the phone the whole time. i can’t remember how it started but i know he was the one who phoned me. i can’t remember even a single line of our conversation but  i believe it was like he was professing cheesy things to me.  and he was s-e-r-i-o-u-s. there was even a part that he sang but  how elusive dreams can be for i can’t remember the song. deymn. haha.

now, it’s just funny thinking about that dream. really strange. of all men, not to mention the local celebrities i went out with(in my dreams)  like sam m., piolo p., and jlc, (LOL), why him? my mind’s trying to  imagine the scenario with the current time and my face turns o_O

i hope tonight i dream of jason mraz, my love.

sleeping to dream about you


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