January 30, 2012

the day before yesterday tasted sour but  fatefully, yesterday turned out to be simply sweet.

i love it.

at first i thought the day would be ruined because the restaurant that we decided to have lunch was full packed (if only the upside-down tables and chairs in their ceiling could be used). i think we were third in the waiting list and we did not wait for our turn as we decided to dine to another place. we chose to eat in this particular city, in a restaurant where the cast wear those mini rockets at  their back and from time to time would purposely gather in between the tables and sing and dance with the music. it’s quite entertaining for the customers like us, except for that particular guy crew who never flashed even a faint smile while dancing.

this is the guy i'm talking about. see his expression? o_o

anyway, talking about the food, we liked it. very tasteful and satisfying. their sliders were superb. i’ll definitely come back for it. though i have a health threat nowadays, i didn’t feel much guilt eating their food.

after eating, we watched underworld on the big screen. very awakening indeed. 4 1/2 stars for the movie.

now what can i say? cheers for our cotton years! it’s our second 2nd year. if you know what i mean. 😀


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