temple run

February 10, 2012

do you know what i am thankful for right now? it’s the game temple run. in this game, the explorer, which is you, the player, runs his whole life without looking back. as time also runs, he’s gotta be running faster and faster, still without looking back. on his way, he collects chips that serve as coins. those chips make his running time faster and surely makes him richer.  a little stumble on his way and he manages to continue running, though the hungry carnivorous enemies start to run after him, hoping to catch him and be their lunch. and of course, to make the game more challenging, there are various obstacles and serious deterrents on his way. if he won’t focus on the road, he will surely fall and stumble. take note, he has only one life. once he falls, the game is over. and he will start all over if he wishes to run again.

thanks to a friend who introduced this game to me. oh, i mean, to my mother. mom saw my friends playing the game on their phones and she was curious on what was keeping them so busy, and finally asked one of them to download the game in her ipad. now my mom is addicted to temple run, not to mention her screaming when she loses the game. and i will tell you just once, like mother like daughter.

fortunately, my highest score so far is 500 thousand plus. i’m aiming for 1M just to outdo my friend’s score. and i wonder how others manage to gain 7M and the highest i saw was 17M. oh man! how’d they do it? anyway, why the heck am i saying this? i’m not sure. maybe, like the game does to me, i’m just trying to entertain my mind just to shift it to other dimension. maybe i am just helping myself not to be drowned in the well of sadness and self pity.

sometimes it’s inevitable to feel alone, to feel left behind. just a few days ago i was happily celebrating my birthday with him and some of my friends. but now, gah… i’m thinking if i should be thankful to this murderous cough for not leaving me alone in days like this.  even if it makes me feel ill, yet i know i still exist. oh my what did i just say? can i take it back? i’m not emo, let’s make that clear. but this is just what i feel.

i guess even if it’s just a couple of days that we’ve been like this, i miss the normal days. it’s hard and i am missing you so much. i don’t know if you are feeling the same but my mind would sometimes think that maybe you’re not. you are busy in your own activities and i thought not to disturb you and not be like an interrogator. i believe i have explained my side the last time we argued but it just ended up unfinished. you did not understand mine and i didn’t accept yours. now we are like this. floating in the middle of coldness and misunderstanding, flowing to nowhere.

i’m not sure how long i can hold this but i’m quite more certain that you can hold it longer, which upsets me more… i’m ending this entry here. my cough gets worse and my mind gets more emotional as the night gets deeper. you don’t want that, i tell you. here is bidding you cold night. and i hope tomorrow’ll be warm and sunny.. .


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