random mOrning

February 27, 2012

1. ouching for my scratched knee. if not a scratch, i always get bruises on my knee without even knowing how.

2. just saw a former friend’s status from being in a relationship to engaged. sweet. happy for him.

3. trying to clean my messed up work table. i think it’s been a week. what a beautiful mess? nah

4. slowly, i’m being hooked, again, in a networking site. i don’t like it. must increase self control.

4. it’s 2012 but i’m still a huge involuntary fan of cramming. just a negative thought.

5. realization: when i stop doing a regular stuff, it gradually becomes unusual. and when the time comes i have to continue doing it, it’s as if i’ll be working from scratch.

6. i wish i have teleporting power just to be with him, now.

7. i want to ge beaching, now. aaah vacation…


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