what would you do If you only have a day to live?

April 5, 2012

“just a little more time was all we needed

just a little time for me to see…”

one hour and a few minutes more, it’ll be Good Friday. i just finished sniffing, controlling myself to be heard crying by my mother who’s at the other room. for the nth time, i watched Ian and Samantha (If Only). the first time i watched this movie with my friends, i cried. and for the record, that was the first time and first ever movie that made me cry uncontrollably. because usually when i watch movies with my family or friends, i normally control my  emotions when it comes to mellow scenes. i don’t know why but maybe i just don’t want others to see my being emotional. but this movie is an exception. before knowing it, one of my guy friends teased us, the girls, because we were all shedding tears as we witness the unexpected turn-over of the story. oh my, i can still recall that moment and i’m not ashamed to tell it. that night i instantly had my first ever genuine favorite movie. and tonight i thought of watching it again. surprisingly, i was renewed  by the feelings, thoughts, and realizations that the movie brings. i love the story, i like the message, i love the songs. but hey, i’m happy that i don’t relate to the story. and i’m happy to be feeling this way, if you know what i mean. 🙂

i believe i’ve already posted this first video from the movie. i just love it. and the second video, let’s all watch it.

if you haven’t watched the movie, do yourself a favor. watch it, especially if you have someone you love who loves you back. it may make you love that person more and appreciate what you have.


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