come what May

May 10, 2012

arrghh! i wanted to write here since last night but until now i cannot pick the right words that will satisfy my thirst of letters.  hope you don’t mind, i hope you don’t mind, that i put  down in words… and i hope i have the quick witty thinking and writing skills of christian so that it will never be difficult for me whenever i feel like writing. to have a guy like him who is  head over heels in love with you, who would dare not say come what may i will love you until my dying day?

thinking of what movie to watch, last night i thought of the movie moulin rouge. i wondered if i’ve really watched it back in time and i was convinced that i haven’t finished watching this very popular musical film. so just last night i decided to download a copy (sorry. it’s just that some movies are readily available to be downloaded from some websites AND, i am not being guilty here. err) and right after  it started to seed, i played the movie. now listen. last night, i fell in love again with yet another enchanting,  ecstatic but heart-breaking masterpiece. now i fully understand why many people have this film in their top 3 favorite movies of all time. the grand, colorful production set design, the inspiring love story, the superb characters, and most of all, the astounding soundtrack. it all boils down to the music and the songs used in the movie. so captivating.

it’s a little bit funny, this feeling inside. i know i haven’t written a long piece for this entry yet but  i’m also aware that i started  sounding i am not in the mood to write. just so you know, i did not intend to  compose an entry purely about moulin rouge and how i feel about it but, guess i thought wrong. and because of that, i am ending this. now. good night. oh well, good morning.


i sincerely commend the directors, producers, writers, production staff, most especially the musical scorers and  composers of the whole soundtrack of the movie, as well as the sound editors. you’re such a great fantastic team, everyone who brainstormed and exerted effort to make moulin rouge possible. yes i’m being exaggerated. as if i personally know them. but i just can’t hide my being overwhelmed. i’ve been part of extremely small productions compared to this film, but i believe in every production, in every project big or small, best effort and group work are sometimes hard to achieve but in the end, every single hardship will be overwhelmingly worthy. again, kudos to the team! wherever you are right now.

how wonderful life is now you’re in the world.


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