strawBerry charlotte

May 17, 2012

nothing special today, really. but yesterday was. my sister got rid rid of the numbers in the calendar and we celebrated it as a family, though my oldest sister and my brother weren’t present. quite rare to gather us all -the eldest and her family live outside the country and the brother is always occupied with his work. if not, occupied with his session with friends. anyway, yesterday we just ate out (the birthday girl’s treat. oyeah. heehee). and for me, the most thrilling part was the search of the cake.

we were not familiar with the place. in search of the cake that my sister reserved for herself (very sweet, eh), we spent 10 liters of diesel (hyperbole) as we were all saying to her, “that cake must be worth the time and worthy to our taste buds!” and finally after the long journey, we found the cafe. hmm, the place is simple yet elegant. very pleasing to the eyes of a girl like me. ehem, yes i appreciate girly stuff even i believe i’m not too lady-like at times. and their cakes, ooohh made me drooling. of course not literally (my mind is quick in picturing myself in different instances). good thing i was ready to snap some pictures. yay! and my sister’s cake, strawberry charlotte. looked stunning. tasted  awesome. well, it should be. it’s one of the most expensive single cakes i’ve tasted (wedding and grand occasion cakes not included). so, our effort and our where-are-we?-we’re-lost!-where-is-that-place?-that-cake-should-taste-heaven-or-else  moments paid off. cravings? fully satisfied.

first set of cakes with macaroons

sample of their cakes. lower right corner is my sister’s

happy birthday sister! i wish you all the best and every thing that your big fabulous heart desires. stay healthy and happy 🙂



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