May 20, 2012

this will take just  a couple of minutes of reading. i believe.

WEIRD! then add it with mouth 1/4 open, upper teeth peeking, sighing half a smile, nostrils a little bit widening, eyes perplexing, face generally projecting a facial reaction of not really disgusted, certainly not in awe, presumably a mixture of bewildered, perplexed, confused, puzzled. then, freeze.

that is my reaction to a short, random conversation with someone i knew back in my university days who’s now based in singapore. so, he was once my classmate in one subject, maybe in philosophy. i’m not sure. and  he injects that we were seatmates then. my memory doesn’t help me remembering things. [i’m afraid i won’t be able to finish this -yawn…] so to cut the story short, he surprisingly messaged me the other day, asked if i still remember him and said i’ve changed a lot and that i don’t wear jeans anymore. okay. woah! so, it was strange. and refer to my reaction above. i thought, was it a compliment or something i don’t know? note: yes we are friends in that social networking site but never did we chat (though i appear online once/twice within 6 months), never did we like and leave comments in each others posts.  so that makes it weird. right? because i thought it was odd, i ignored it but after around 14 hours i replied. i told him that i still remember him and that i’m quite still the same and that i often wear jeans, still. and i couldn’t stop myself telling him that it’s just funny that in everything that he can remember about me is that of my wearing jeans.??

7 hours later he got back to my message and said “Haha tsaka ung semi bigote mo medyo tanda ko rin. Haha. Tsaka di ka na ganun kapayat. Hehe.” he still remembers my semi “mustache” and said that i am not so skinny anymore. again, was that a compliment or something i just don’t know or cannot comprehend? what the heck?! weird! again, refer to my reaction above. [i’m afraid i won’t be able to finish this -yaahwn…] well, for the history, i admit i have  quite a lady-mustache but hey, it isn’t that much. i promise. maybe he has 20-20 eyesight to have been observed it and maybe, he was really my seatmate. so after 5 hours i got back to him one more time. i thanked him and told him i really don’t look at myself skinny. and about the “semi-mustache” comment, i was caught off guard and asked him if it is really that noticeable and ended it saying i was really a guy in past life.

now just about an hour ago, he replied. “Alam ko. Yayayain nga sana kitang magbasketball nung college tayo eh. Hehe. Naaalala ko pa ung sira ka sa s. hehe. Ngaun iba ka na pero siguro sira ka parin sa s. hehe.” double, no, make it thrice the intensity of my reaction above. [at this point i believe i conquered my sleepiness and i think i will finish this now] that was really, odd. and now i’m certain that that was no compliment. i don’t know what’s his purpose. he’s making me laugh sarcastically as he is putting me down at the same time. ooh! before i forget, what he said was, remember i told him i was a boy in past life? so he answered that yes, he knows. in fact he wanted to ask me to play basketball back then. and that he still remembers that i can’t properly pronounce the letter ‘s.’

perfect! i commend him for being a keen observant. very good senses, eh? also, his memory is sharp. but that doesn’t discharge him of my being suspecting. i don’t know why suddenly he’s telling me these things. i’m not angry nor irritated, it’s just that, it’s really strange. out of the blue you’d receive a random weird message from someone you’ve never expected.

well, nothing spectacular, eh? i just want to share this with you guys. and pardon me for i thought this would just be short. about 3-4 sentences perhaps. ha.ha. and if you are  wondering, i haven’t replied to him yet. i think i won’t. let’s stop the thread there.

good night world.


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