you’re so tWeet!

May 29, 2012



=sleepy me.

haha. for the second time, i deactivated my facebook account (4 days ago) and for the record, i created a twitter account. yep you read it right, i never tweeted all my life not until today. couple of times the thought of giving in to twitter occurred to me but i guess i felt it’s not necessary, not to mention i have a long-time existing plurk account which is also currently hybernating. [do not fret, i’m not sure if wordpress has a deactivate/hybernate option as well; nonetheless, i think i will never click that button here] so how did i come up into this decision of creating a twitter account? i’ll  try to drop the reason/s. lemme?

1. even before, maybe twice or thrice, i was tempted to create one just to follow my favorite radio show every morning and those 3 crazy monster radio dj’s

2. now that i am convinced not to go back to fb-ing not unless after one or two remarkable events that i am praying to happen (that is about 6-8 months. max of 1 year perhaps?), i thought tweeting can be a remedy in expressing my daily thoughts

hmm, that’s it. reasonable enough? harhar. so now that i have started tweeting, reason number 1 is accomplished. at last. and so my status as of the moment is 1 tweet, 6 following, 0 followers. haha. let me tell you, i’m not expecting to have hundreds of followers.  i won’t even be wanting to follow friends. that’s not my goal.  i just want to plainly, tweet. that’s all. but let’s see where will these lead me. i’m not closing doors.

so, i won’t be saying, “follow me.” though, here’s the link



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