details in the faBric

August 8, 2012

it’s been 2 hours or so but i could not think of words to write.

i dont know if the world conspires with the disastrous reality the philippines is experiencing now. because of continuous heavy rains that started last monday, almost the whole metro manila and the neighboring provinces, including ours, are strongly affected by the southwest monsoon (habagat). take note, it’s not a storm that caused/is causing this but only a southwest monsoon pulling the tail of the previous storm, which is already out of the country’s area of responsibility.

big areas of the cities and provinces are flooded that caused some cities and towns to be under the state of calamity. thousands of families lost their homes and  everything they have because of the enormous floods. people are scared and are saying that the nightmare which typhoon ondoy brought last  2009 has come again.  my family is just very lucky this time and we’re so thankful to God that the flood did not reach our home.

i can still vividly remember the difficulty and pain we went through because of ondoy: hip-high water inside the house,  almost half a foot mud,  2 days without electricity, 4-5 days no water, and almost a week of cleaning and putting things back in order. i will never forget that tragic time of our lives, and i don’t want that to ever happen again. that’s why i am very thankful that we were spared from flood this time.

good thing it stopped raining. finally the sky is tired from crying. i wonder what’s her problem to have such volume of tears. have the people something to do with it or does she only want to share her grief with us? whatever it is, i hope she’s really done pouring and i hope we will once again feel the warmth of the sun tomorrow as we wake up. new day, new life, new beginning specially for those who were greatly hit by floods and even landslides.

now, really, i have just one question that is the main reason of this entry. why does it seem that he doesn’t want me calling him on the phone? of all the calls i’ve done, i believe i can count in my fingers the times we genuinely enjoyed the conversation. but for the rest, nah. as if he is not excited to talk to me; as if i can see and feel his heavy reaction whenever he’ll see his phone ringing with my name on it. that’s why there are times when i feel a little hesitant calling him without any reason. you know, those times when you just want to talk to him and hear his voice, and know that he’ll always be in the other line eagerly listening to you. oh well, i don’t know if i am just making out this story but this is what i feel. perhaps he’s just busy sometimes to have a chitchat with me. though he also calls me at times and i’m always excited to answer the phone. however, when it comes to texting and talking in person, there seems to be no problem at all.

end of cause of melancholy/query.

ironically, happy birthday. i hope you’re happy and you still have a full grasp of positivity amidst all the negatives of today. you know how i feel for you and it is not changing. i always wish you all the best in life, and i hope i’ll still be among your best.

on the other hand, as i am doing this, i thought i’d title this with the current song playing in my playlist as i type the last word.

God bless Philippines.


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