i’m quiet you know

October 7, 2012

even the best fall down sometimes…

stumbling over, it’s inevitable in this journey called life. you walk, you stumble; you run, you stumble. even in those times when you think everything is running smoothly, everything is going in the right place, suddenly you’ll trip over a stone.  you see, unfortunate things happen even in the most perfect scene.

even the wrong words seem to rhyme…

you carefully bought something which you think he would like just to learn it’s that something he disgusts. you repeatedly do something you think he’s fine with just to be surprised as he says he’s not cool with it. isn’t it ironic, don’t you think? try to do something you think he will not like then you’ll be surprised how much he loves it.

out of the doubt that fills my mind…

there will be times that you will be tested- whether how much pain you can absorb, how many heartaches you can recover, how long you can hold on. remember, it is not about how short the rope is. it’s always about how strong your grip is.

i somehow find you and i collide.

just keep holding on. then you’ll finally find you and i collide


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