October 13, 2012

As i was all caught up in my thoughts, my phone brought me back to earth. Of course i was startled. Hearing it sound nowadays doesnt help, though i know at the back of my mind im waiting for something. I just wouldnt admit it.
As i glanced upon it, a message from an unknown number. It is a message from a student in my huminities class last semester. Oh in case i havent told you, sembreak has just started. Going back, my student says she misses our class. Aww my heart melted. Somehow i feel that some of my students, i believe not all, appreciate me, or the way i handle my class. As what ive said to myself when i started teaching, id be happy as long as theres at least one person in my classes who will appreciate me for what i give and what they gain.
I want to be a far much better teacher. I know there are still lots of rooms of improvement for me to conquer. Im afraid i cant do everything, but i’ll try my best. I want to inspire young minds. Aside from academic knowledge, i want them to appreciate and embrace life. I want to be close with my students. You know, like friends hanging out and having some fun. But of course inside the classroom, a barrier still stands.
…im thankful for this. I wasnt really writing about this teacher thing not until my student messaged me. But im happy because even within couples of minutes my thoughts flew from the heavy side. Now i cant remember what i was supposed to be really writing. Maybe i need more distractions. Not that im choosing to ignore whats really happening, it’s just that i dont want to be consumed by the black hole cause it’s painful you know. Im not sure but maybe my minds right. I need time. Perhaps things will get lighter after some time.
So before it gets heavy again, thats all for now. I maybe back later, tomorrow, who knows when. I’ll just have some shower and try to wash some bv.


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