good thing my boyfriend is not Adam levine

October 25, 2012

because if it’s him, i think our relationship wouldnt last for long.

yes that is right. i know countless girls are willing to die just to date him (fine, i know. how can that be if theyre dead) AND THAT IS EXACTLY THE REASON i am thankful im not her girlfriend.

i just came into a close to serious imagination: what if my boyfriend is channing tatum? or taylor kitsch? or robert pattinson? or brad pitt? tom cruise? eric bana? jason mraz? john lloyd cruz (filipino actor)? or even the control freak CEO christian grey? my gosh! that would be more than great. i mean, that would feel surreal, as if heaven suddenly traded place with earth. but i know that is far from possible and i dont have a single problem with that.

i couldnt stand if my partner would be seeing, dating, chatting and texting every day, or getting close to another girl. if you are in a serious relationship, you wont want that, right? so what more if i am with a superstar whose job is to have an on-screen relationship with someone else, with the sideline of making the gullible viewers believe it’s e$@^# true, hold hands with a beautiful girl, and passionately kiss and almost make love with the hottest girl in town? or even with a rockstar who sweeps the feet of thousand girls (and boys, perhaps?) who will do anything just to see him in person, hold any part of his body, kiss and hug him. WTH! are you serious?

oh well, im not in the shoes of the partners of these celebrities so i really dont know how it feels to be one. im just stating the next to possible fact that i couldnt stand it. i will not last  long with that kind of relationship, i guess. i could die of jealousy and heart attack.  (who knows some of the breakups of these icons are same with my rationale)

credits to whoever did this

contratsing, eh? 😉


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