everything happens for a Reason

November 18, 2012

i was asking myself earlier tonight, “is it  just fine to be selfish at times?” i don’t know if asking it is selfishness per se, but i really like to know.

i believe i’m the kind of person who will least think of herself. okay, maybe not all the time, but most of the time. i don’t like it when i’m the only one having or enjoying something and the others are desperate. i am not comfortable when the attention is on me. i would rather be invisible than be on the spotlight.

i remember one of my colleagues once told me, “if that’s what you like to do, why bother thinking of what other people would say?” i remember i was supposed to do it, not until a sad incident happened. oh well. going back to being selfish, is it really acceptable sometimes? as i was pondering about it, a faint but  firm voice in my mind answered yes. and in that moment, i thought i felt my heart smiled.

perhaps i am pushing my self too hard that i don’t realize one inch more, i’d fall into the cliff. maybe i need to pamper myself even just for a while; have a break, take a rest from the deafening noise of the painful world. i know i need to deal with the harshness of life and reality, but i realized i should as well not neglect my well being.

in one way or another, everybody had experienced the downside of this world. there will be times no one will lift you up but yourself. so you have to be strong not only for the people around you but as much as for your own sake. yes, it’s just fine to be selfish at times, as long as you don’t hurt anybody intentionally.

“Eventually all things (will) fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moments, and know everything happens for a reason.”


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