eXit wound

December 2, 2012

you know the feeling of being somehow happy but youre not content? you enjoy, still something seems to be not in its proper place? i cannot perfectly figure it out but it is sort of like that. bizarre, weird, chaotic, restless.

if i ask what’s next, would someone answer? im not sure how many times ive wished to have the power of hearing thoughts. at this moment, im again wishing for it. perhaps things would be nicer and better if i could read minds, if i could know why people act such ways. i wont be wondering, i wont be asking, i wont be assuming. i cant promise i wont be irritating ‘coz i could still be at times, but at least if id ever be id have my firm rationale.

things sometimes go far way beyond where they must only be. these instances will sort of test how you weigh right from wrong, how you strain good from bad, and how you listen to your heart over your mind. after that, either you’ll be happy or things will just be much more complicated. now you dont know how to exit this place.

one thing i believe: when people cry, it’s only two things -either they are happy or not. happy is happy, no questions asked. not can be sad, anxious, scared, worried, regretful, tired, foolish, helpless, and the likes. so now, what couldve been yours?

i dont know what’s ahead of me. i cant even tell if im really walking forward or it’s just the backdrop moving. i dont want to be left behind but the current seems to be flowing too fast i cant cross the line.

steady, life is crooked somewhere

steady, life is crooked somewhere


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