when Great falls apart

March 14, 2013

she was soooooo in love. and for the same reason, she got so hurt.

more or less 15  years ago, i read this quotation, “love can take away the pain, no matter how painful it is. but pain, can take away love, no matter how great it is.” to be honest, i cannot remember whether i believed it or not. but as i am pondering about it now, i want to say that it is true.

yes, she thought of it as a great love, but she never thought that that love can fade away. she passed through the longest seconds of her life. agony, pain, despair, anxiety, heartache, chest pain, sadness, madness -all of these she felt within those long seconds. but as time continued to tick, seconds slowly turned into minutes; minutes turned into hours, hours turned to days, days to months. and without her full awareness, all the hurt and aches gradually vaporized in the air. yes, there might be some droplets left, but the once great love is not there anymore.

the story might be confusing to some, might be impossible for many, especially those who are deeply in love, but it is a bittersweet reality for those who have experienced it  themselves.


the following entry how do you know when it is love is unexpectedly sequenced after this for a reason. feel it; make it real.


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