yesterday, he asked me for a date

April 22, 2013

…and i said, yes.

it was a sunday and rest day for the men improving our house. a day of silence yet not 100% dust-free day, still. also, it was a laundry day and bath day for koton as well. btw, you can check his pic here. (;

i finished my house duties just a bit late for lunch time then i prepped myself for our date at 3:30 pm. because it was sunday, i slightly underestimated the travel time and thought i could reach the place within 30 minutes. i could have succeeded if not because of the traffic in the parameters of my destination, and the thirst of the shuttle driver for passengers. ugh. while on my way, he told me he’d be buying our movie tickets so he asked me if we could catch the 4-pm playtime. with confidence i said, yes.

come 3:30, 3:35, 3:40 on my watch, still i’m stuck in traffic. 3:45 he sent a message telling that the movie would start within five minutes for the time in the cinema is 10-min advanced. oh.my.g!!! if only i could teleport! got off the shuttle at 3:50 then i ran, literally. ok not the whole time, but i walked with my feet off the ground. the elevators are at the other end so i just got on the escalators and the cineplex is on the 6th floor. whew! when i found cinema 3, there i saw him standing in front of the entrance patiently(?) waiting, looking so good and composed, with a large popcorn bag and cups of drinks.

i think we both flashed a faint smile and the word ‘sorry’ automatically came out of my mouth. i cannot remember what else he said other than, “the film started 5 minutes ago” and “ang ganda mo” (you look beautiful). the last statement surely made me smile, but i was still apologetic for being late. we entered the movie house, of course with the film playing already. our seats were d12 and d13, if i remember it correctly. though i’ve heard the title of the movie, i haven’t watched any trailer or teaser of it. but i based my pre-comprehension of the film whole-heartedly by its title, olympus has fallen.

as we took our seats and he started feeding me with popcorn, i intensely watched and waited for zeus, poseidon, hades, and the gang to show up on the big screen. (i’m a greek mythology fan, sort of, just so you know.) but scenes have passed and i started to realize that i was in a different zone; a totally different one.

my heart stopped, jumped, skipped, cried, screamed, smiled. (not to mention his stunned-look and mock-smiles as he saw my reactions while watching.) i couldnt even continue munching on the popcorn on the intense a.k.a. brutal a.k.a. bloody parts of the film. if you have already watched it, then we are speaking the same language here and definitely you know that you could save america by pressing shift+3. lol. if you still havent, you know what to do. 😉

after the movie, we strolled a bit in the mall then we decided to have our dinner in a quite familiar refreshing place for us, just in a city beside from where we were. we enjoyed the tasty food, had a great bonding in a relaxing atmosphere, and just savored the time together. yes it’s true, anything is better when i’m with you.

now i have watched the trailer. it is never too late, eh? 😀

#sadwedonthaveevenasinglephotofromoursundate #newdaynewlife


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