i got mail

May 9, 2013

2 days ago when i woke up in the morning, my dad handed me two letters.. both unexpected, both life-changing.

how do i let them feel that i have changed my mind..that i have new plans for my future?

i have been wanting to talk about it with you, and i am happy everything was cleared last night. thank you for being so understanding and for staying on the positive lane. you just dont know how happy and thankful i am for everything you assured me.. yet there are still worries lingering. sorry. (repeat second line)

i think i am not good in writing anymore (that’s if there came a time when i was). i can’t think clear, i can’t write straight. i cannot start a good entry. i cannot complete a full-length one with sense. my mind is disorganized. i don’t know what thought to prioritize, i cant make up my mind. i cant even say if i want the days to go faster or whether i want to stop the world from spinning. fortunately, two things are clear for me at this moment (at least):

1. i hope to witness a perfect night sky this coming weekend, not to mention the fine sand, clear water and perfect nature with the best companion. yay, i can’t wait.

2. im hungry.

[hashtag decisions, do whatever makes you happy.]


as i clicked the ‘publish’ button, it was exactly 12:oo am. what is my point? please do adjust the time references you see in this post. i wont edit so self service, please. 😀


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