onion Rings and veggie sticks

May 15, 2013

i will never tire sharing my stories with you and listening to yours…

the time will come when you wont worry growing old because you know you will live your every day with the person worth spending your lifetime with. when the time comes, definitely you’ll be ending every night excited for the next day to come, and starting every day with a smile in your heart. even if you take long hours of conversation over a glass of iced coffee or a bottle of wine, or you just lay on a ground watching the majestic night sky without talking, those times would be lovely and wonderful. sharing stories, knowing more about that person every day will lead to a healthy relationship. frustrations will make way but be sure to find an exit for each with your hands held together. keep open communication, shared laughters, grins, and smiles constant. life is beautiful. happiness is best when shared.

…and before we know it, we’ve created our own story together that will inspire and linger in our grandchildren’s children’s memory.

we tried a new place in town and it’s good. click here if curiosity sets in. (;




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