you Think you know, but you have no @+#*##?! idea

June 3, 2013

i understand it better now why some people act in such ways.. actions that tend to make them feel good about themselves or make other people see the good side of them. maybe in the past, they have done something ill which they thought would be concealed forever;  selfish acts that other people who matter were ignored and neglected. and when the time comes these selfish acts could explode, they do things or twist some poems that would cover up their nasty acts. as a matter of fact, i never thought these happen for real. yes, straight on the face.

one thing i realized tonight: there are people who pretend to be nice and there are some who are kind, really. i believe it is still a choice. so choose what kind of person you want to be. there is still time. it is not too late to enjoy being nice.


one more thing that i realized: most people hear stories, but there are still few who know the true score -because they don’t just hear, they listen; and they don’t just accept, they ask.


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