education for everyJuan

November 1, 2013
education is for all

education is for all

day 2 of this advocacy bike ride has just successfully ended. from manila, the bikers are now in tagudin, ilocos sur. wohw! and they have pedaled a total of 333 kilometers just within two days. another woohw!! 224 kilometers left and they will soon finish the ride. (i am not pretty sure if my figures are accurate though) their passion in biking and their desire to lend a hand (or legs? ;)) are truly astonishing.

this inspiring group is determined in doing this to raise funds to help build more “klasrums ng pag-asa” and to boost awareness on the importance of education. yes, biking is fun. many are fond of it, but biking for a cause (not to mention  557 kms, rain or shine) is another topic. even typhoons cannot stop these people in meeting their goal.

if you are an education advocate and you admire and see this group’s passion uplifting, you can support them by giving pledges.

your pledge can make a difference

your pledge can make a difference

visit, like, and you can also share their facebook page for more details about this advocacy ride and for real-time updates and photos: https://www.facebook.com/KnPpadyakpagasa

for more information about klasrums ng pag-asa, click the link below:


education is unlimited. it is for everyone.

share & be aware.

let us  be one in making a difference.


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