straight talK

December 7, 2013

Even reading a book couldnt stop it.
I wish i could go to an open field and just lay there and watch the night sky.
I miss hunting for shooting stars.
I want to breathe fresh air.
Perhaps id jog tomorrow at sunken garden.
Im losing my focus.
Havent done anything for my grad studies.
I really think i should officially drop
Or file a leave of absence.
I feel distant.
I dont like what im feeling now.
Im quite scared, honestly.
I want to watch movies,
Or just do sound tripping.
I dont have my resources, frustrating.
I want to have a heart-to-heart talk,
Over a cup of white coffee, or mugs of draft beer.
But i dont have anyone to bug at this time.
Yeah, life is really playful sometimes.


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