bewAre (;

December 14, 2013

as much as i want to make this special, i think this would just be a mediocre post. BUT, i wont let that happen! instead, let us


for today is a special day. it’s our lucky 9, and congratulations, now you know my secret! 😀

oh well, let’s see where this will lead us. just so you know, this is a tough decision for me. i don’t tell this place to anyone. i just let people chance upon this. if they like what they read/see, thank you; but if they don’t, thank you still. i dont aim to please everybody. also, it’s a risk letting you see this place because this is where you’ll get to see my madness. and when i say madness, brace yourself. this is where i hide when i dont want to be seen. this is where i scream when i want to be heard. this is where i fly when i want to vanish. this is where i can be me especially when i want to be informal. but this is also where i share my happiness, when i get ecstatic. 😉 yes, here you will witness my flaws and my close-to-being bipolar.

i wont advise you to visit this often. i want to keep my good image (if i still have) to you. i still dream of our future, you know and i dont want to ruin that. if ever you see some really absurd posts here, try to ignore them. if you will read few words, you might understand better.

i always forget to remind the readers not to take what they read here personally. almost everything here is just a product of my crazy thoughts and disorganized feelings. though i never forget the bottom line of this place; it’s always my goal to make it real.


if ever you visit this place again, let’s pretend this post does not exist. that is more realistic for me.  (; also, dont mind if you see ‘past’ entries. my life is documented here. life goes on and today is always much better (;

#imgladyouarereadingthisbuttellmewhenyougetdisgustedofwhatyoureadandofme #whentheworldforgetsmeandiforgeteverythingrememberthatiloveyouforever


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